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6 Tips For Winter Car Maintenance

November 24th, 2017

Cold weather and difficult driving conditions mean than breakdowns, engine problems and road accidents are more likely to occur over the winter months. So it makes sense to

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The Benefits Of Computer Diagnostic Testing

October 19th, 2017

Advances in technology has never been more prevalent than in the motor industry. On-board computers and sophisticated programming are now a standard feature on many new cars. That

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6 Good Reasons To Regularly Service Your Car

September 26th, 2017

Many car owners are guilty of initially keeping up with servicing when they first buy a car then all too often forgetting or putting off regular maintenance checks

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The best choice for quality BMW service in Harrogate

August 6th, 2017

GT Service offers outstanding quality of BMW service in Harrogate, servicing all cars to their manufacturer’s recommended schedule. We have courtesy cars, collection and delivery, and while you

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4 Car Repairs You Shouldn’t Try At Home

July 20th, 2017

Car repairs and replacements are a costly business, so much so, that the idea of DIY repairs is growing in popularity. Mechanically minded car owners may be tempted

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MOT Test Explained

June 30th, 2017

Once a car is over 3 years old, it will have to pass an annual Ministry Of Transport test (MOT) to prove it is roadworthy. An MOT must

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Reasons To Buy A Mercedes Benz

May 1st, 2017

“The best or nothing” may seem like a rather pretentious slogan, but in the case of Mercedes Benz, it’s justified. Since Karl Benz created the first petrol powered

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Common Porsche Problems That Shouldn’t Be Ignored

March 7th, 2017

Porsches don’t come cheap. So to ensure an ROI and to get the most out of your treasured vehicle, regular maintenance and specialist Porsche servicing are essential. Porsche

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5 Reasons To Buy A Porsche 911

February 28th, 2017

When it comes to buying a sleek, sporty car that is practical as well as retaining that all important ‘wow’ factor, one of the first cars that comes

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Common Gearbox Problems

February 22nd, 2017

There are a number of signs that could indicate you’ll need to get your gearbox checked out by a professional gearbox specialist. Signs you may have a problem

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