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6 Good Reasons To Regularly Service Your Car

September 26th, 2017

Many car owners are guilty of initially keeping up with servicing when they first buy a car then all too often forgetting or putting off regular maintenance checks as the car gets older.

Other priorities get in the way and money can be spent elsewhere, and the car’s running okay, so missing the odd oil change won’t hurt will it?

Saving money at the time and skipping out on recommended services will end up costing you more down the line in expensive repairs, replacements and even a failed MoT.


Here are 6 good reasons to regularly service your car.


1. Avoid Bigger Problems

Getting the oil and filters cleaned and changed may seem like a minor job but if you don’t get it done regularly, sludge can build up and won’t lubricate the engine sufficiently. This can lead to engine problems that can end up costing you a fortune.

2. Fuel Efficiency

A well-tuned regularly serviced vehicle will not only run better but will also emit less CO2 emissions and consume less fuel, so you’ll be helping the environment and saving money at the pumps.

3. Less Risk of a Breakdown

All drivers dread breaking down, especially when they’re far from home or it’s late at night.

Keeping your vehicle regularly maintained will avoid oil and fuel leaks, overheating problems and failing electrics, common causes for vehicle breakdowns.

4. Safety

There’s a higher risk that you could have an accident if your car isn’t running well. Regular servicing will prevent problems such as faulty brakes and worn tyres, two common factors in RTAs.

5. Longer Life

If your car is regularly serviced, it will last longer and you’ll avoid unnecessary wear and tear, as well as serious engine problems.

6. Re-Sale Value

If you’re planning on selling your car, the first thing buyers will look for is a completed log book showing a full service history (FSH) to demonstrate that the car has been properly maintained. A

FSH will increase your car’s re-sale value and you’ll get a better price for it.

Don’t make the mistake of cutting corners and not bothering with servicing if your car is running okay. If your car is running well then it’s better to keep it that way and avoid small problems from

escalating into serious and ultimately, more expensive ones.


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