MOT Test Explained

June 30th, 2017

MOT in HarrogateOnce a car is over 3 years old, it will have to pass an annual Ministry Of Transport test (MOT) to prove it is roadworthy.

An MOT must be carried out at an authorised test centre that displays an official blue sign marked with 3 white triangles.

The test takes about an hour and costs around £55 to complete.

With other servicing and maintenance costs to consider, is an MOT really necessary and what’s involved?

Here’s what you need to know about getting an MOT.

Is It Obligatory?

Yes. An MOT is a legal requirement for any vehicle over 3 years old that is intended for public road use.

If your car fails its MOT, it can’t be driven on public roads until the necessary repairs to make it roadworthy have been done. You’ll receive a VT30 certificate explaining why your car failed. Once repairs have been done, your car will need to pass another, partial test, before you can drive it away.

It’s also illegal to drive a car with an expired MOT, and your insurance will also be invalid. You can however, drive legally if you are taking your car to an MOT centre for testing.

What’s Involved?

Parts that are checked fall into the following categories:

  • lights and electrics
  • horn
  • battery
  • steering and suspension
  • brakes
  • tyres
  • restraints and seating
  • body condition
  • registration plates and VIN
  • speedometer
  • exhaust, fuel systems and emissions
  • mirrors, wipers and windscreen

MOT in Harrogate

How To Improve Your Chances Of Passing

Even a well maintained vehicle can fail for the smallest reasons. These simple measures can increase your chances of passing or reveal problems that you can get sorted before your car undergoes its MOT test:

  • Check the warning lights on the dashboard. Many drivers simply ignore warning signs or put off any checks as long as possible. A warning light not only indicates a problem that should be sorted, but will also result in a failed test.
  • Ensure registration plates are cleaned and visible.
  • There should be no stickers obstructing the driver’s view. Ensure the windscreen sweep area is clear.
  • Top up your screen wash.
  • Check your tyre pressures and ensure your tyres have the necessary grip tread to pass the test.

Although a large number of checks are carried out during an MOT, the test doesn’t cover engine, clutch or gearbox checks. To ensure your car is both roadworthy and safe, make sure you keep it well maintained and regularly serviced.

For more information on booking an MOT in Harrogate, contact GT Service Centre today.

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