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At GT Service Harrogate we offer a full MOT check where we will prepare your car for its MOT. Our MOT trained technicians use the latest equipment to complete the MOT for you, and any work required to reach the standard for a vehicle to pass its MOT (including tyres, brakes, suspension and steering problems), and this can usually be done the same day too!

To book your MOT with GT Service Harrogate, simply call us on 01423 623 366 or:

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Why you should choose us for your car’s next MOT

At GT Service we will always go through all of the work required for your car to pass its MOT before starting; giving you a full breakdown of prices for each job including parts, labour and VAT. As a member of MOTORCODES, we adhere to high standards of customer care for your car and its MOT.

We will explain any work required for the MOT in plain English. Where only advisory work is noted on the MOT for your car, we’ll give you an anticipated time frame in which the work should be completed, and also make a note on our system to follow up for peace of mind; that way you don’t need to remember to get the work done.


In the UK, any car that is more than three years old or manufactured after 1960 needs to have an MOT test once a year. The purpose of an MOT is to check that the safety features, roadworthiness and emission levels are at an acceptable level/state. Depending on their severity, any problems found during the MOT test can be flagged (known as an advisory) to keep the owner aware of any future reliability issues, or rectified in preparation for a re-test, so that the car can continue it's use on a public highway. Please note that an MOT certificate is not an indicator of a car's reliability, only that it fills the requirements to be considered usable on a public highway.
A car has a lot of moving parts, and over time those parts slowly wear down or fail, your vehicle needs an MOT once it reaches it's the third birthday to test all of those parts that came fresh out of the factory are still doing their job effectively. If we find something that needs fixing or changing, then we wont be able to give you an MOT certificate until the problem is resolved. From braking efficiency to accelerator cables and the bulbs in the taillights, anything involving safety or emissions is stringently tested to ensure yourself and other road users are as safe as can be, while you're in control of the vehicle on a public highway
If your car fails it's MOT then that means we've found some issues that make the vehicle unfit for use on a public highway. An MOT failure isn't necessarily the end of the world, but it can be a bit disheartening, especially if the car requires a lot of work to bring it back up to an acceptable standard. We'll always provide you with a 'refusal of MOT' certificate (VT30), detailing what parts need rectifying as well as a detailed quotation for the costs on fixing or replacing the components, so that we can get you back on the road as soon as possible.
If your MOT expires, you better get it booked in with us as soon as possible! There are some conditions where you can drive a car without an MOT. You're only allowed to drive your vehicle with an expired MOT if you've booked the MOT and are driving to the test centre, getting pulled over by the police will require you to provide proof that you have your vehicle booked in and that's where you're heading. Failure to do so could lead to a fine and even your car getting impounded. The best advice we can offer you is - get your vehicle tested BEFORE the MOT expires, for peace of mind.
Generally, we wont need any documents from you. Just bring your car and a method of payment when you come to GT Service Centre.
Anything and everything that can checked on a car during an MOT will be tested. From the smallest components like the horn and seatbelts up to the suspension and exhaust system. Generally, most parts of the vehicle are checked to ensure they're not too worn or loose; other parts are also tested to ensure they're operating as intended and still have plenty of life left in them. The government website covers which parts of a car are checked during an MOT.

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