At GT Service Harrogate we offer a full MOT check where we will prepare your car for its MOT. We complete the MOT for you and any work required to reach the standard for a car to pass its MOT. With our MOT trained technicians and all the latest equipment any work required for your car to pass its MOT can usually be done the same day. Including tyres, brakes, suspension and steering problems.

GT Services Guarantee

At GT Service we will always go through al the work required to your car for its MOT prior to starting. Giving you a full breakdown of prices for each individual job with parts and labour and VAT. As a member of MOTORCODES we adhere to high standards of customer care for your car and its MOT.

We will explain any work required for the MOT in plain English. Where only Advisory work is noted on the MOT for your car we will give you a likely time frame in which the work has to be completed and also make a note on our system to follow up. That way you don't need to remember to get the work done.

To book your MOT with GT Service Harrogate:

Simply call us on 01423 623 366 or book in online by clicking the tag at the top of the page.