The Benefits Of Computer Diagnostic Testing

October 19th, 2017

Advances in technology has never been more prevalent than in the motor industry. On-board computers and sophisticated programming are now a standard feature on many new cars. That means that new methods are needed to diagnose what problems a car may have and which car repairs are necessary.

Car Repairs HarrogateHere’s a look at what computer diagnostic testing is and the benefits it brings to car service centres and vehicle owners.

How Does It Work?

When you take your vehicle in for a routine service or if you’re concerned about a fault warning on the dashboard, a specially trained technician will use diagnostic tools and specialised computer software to accurately identify any problems there may be. Diagnostic tools can be used for specific areas such as the transmission, oil and petrol tanks and exhaust.

Today, it’s even easier and quicker to diagnose problems as most modern cars are equipped with sophisticated on-board computers, microchips and sensors which can be connected to a technician’s diagnostic scanner and software programme.


The main benefit of diagnostic testing is that it can quickly and accurately identify problems so that car repair times are greatly reduced. That means labour costs are reduced and your car spends less time in the garage and off the road. This is especially important for transport businesses who need a reliable fleet and can’t afford to have their vehicles in the garage for car repairs for long periods of time.

Modern vehicles have the added benefit of fault codes which are stored in the car’s on-board memory.

Minor car repairs can be done quickly and efficiently, so preventing a problem developing into a more serious and more costly fault further down the line.

Car Repairs Harrogate

Software is used to address areas such as the engine, ignition, fuel injection performance and rpm levels.

Although it’s recommended that your car has a diagnostic test once a year, if you have a concern in the meantime, a diagnostic check-up can quickly identify a problem so that it can be sorted out as soon as possible.

Diagnostic testing is the most cost-effective and efficient way of diagnosing a problem in your car’s system.

Technicians are highly trained and qualified to identify what tests are needed as well as interpret the results and computer data.

At GT Service Centre, our diagnostic tests are carried out by qualified experts, so you can be assured your vehicle is in competent hands when you bring it to us for car repairs.

For more information on diagnostic testing, servicing and our car repairs Harrogate service, contact GT Service Centre today or visit us online to view our full range of vehicle services and MOT testing.

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