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GT Service are leading the latest technology and are fully equipped to carry out a full auto gearbox fluid flush (aka mega flush). Our specialist service is available for Land Rover, Audi, BMW, VW and any other makes and models.

A conventional transmission service only changes 40% of the gearbox oil as the majority of the fluid is stored in the torque converter and clutches in the gearbox. Our machine flushes the entire system and replaces 100% of the liquid – which is essential for lubricating clutch plates, heat dispersion, and keeping the system working correctly.

What is a mega flush?

A mega flush (or full auto gearbox fluid flush) involves complete drainage of the automatic transmission fluids using our specialist machine, and full cleaning of the system before we refill it with 100% new fluid.

As part of the process, we check for leaks and any other issues to ensure your vehicle performs at its best.

Why carry out a mega flush?

A mega flush by GT Service provides vehicle owners in Harrogate and surrounding areas with a variety of benefits. The main advantages of a mega flush include:

Preventing gearbox problems.
Solving common gearbox issues.
Extending the life of your transmission.
Smoother shifting.
Reducing wear to clutch plates.
Lowers risk of premature transmission failure.

Over time, essential additives in transmission fluid oxidise and break down. This means the fluid can't work as it should. Without regular maintenance, this results in acid, rust and sludge accumulating in the fluid – which is the leading cause of transmission failure. Periodically changing transmission fluid maintains good heat dispersion and lubrication as well as keeping the system clean.

Typical signs that your auto gearbox needs a flush

If your auto gearbox is juddering, slipping, slow at changing gear or over-revving, then your auto box could benefit from a mega flush. Call our friendly team on 01423 623 366 to book in for a full auto gearbox fluid flush - or use our simple online booking form.

While it's more common for the gearboxes to start showing problems from 70,000-80,000 miles onwards, many vehicle owners choose to have full auto gearbox fluid flush service at lower mileages as a preventative measure.

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