Motorcycle Servicing Harrogate

At GT Service Harrogate, we do more than just cars; we offer our signature GT Service and Manufacturer Service to cover a broad range of motorcycles too. We have full facilities to perform all the servicing, maintenance, repairs and to pamper your motorcycle to keep you safe on the road and give you the best performance and handling you expect.

MOT completed offsite at one of our trusted partners: £29.50 inc. VAT

'GT Motorbike' Service:
FROM £70 inc VAT
250cc or lower FROM £70 inc. VAT
250cc to 600cc FROM £140 inc. VAT
1000cc or more: FROM £210 inc. VAT

Our signature GT Motorbike service offers a complete health check on your motorbike. Service items changed: Oil and Oil Filter, Brake Fluid Check, Battery Health Check, Full Bike diagnostics check.
Manufacturer Service:
Call for a quote
GT Service will perform the Manufacturers Service for your motorcycle to the exact requirements for your motorbikes model, age and mileage. We use genuine manufacturer parts and lubricants. We will contact you after your booking with a full breakdown of each service item recommended by your motorbike manufacturer. We have a "no obligation to buy" policy on any of the parts recommended.


Bulb replacement service:
Cost of the bulbs only fitting is free.
Full Motorbike Health Check:
£35 inc. VAT (Free if work required)
Full Diagnosis check and fault finding service:
£84 inc. VAT

List of Services

Oil and Oil Filter
Get the most out of your Oil, we check and replace on a wide variety of models of motorbikes.

Motorbike Chassis & Brakes / Suspension
We carry out essential checks on these crucial parts and fasteners.

Motorcycle Batteries
We'll check your battery electrolyte level and topped up as required. We also have access to every motorbike battery for fitment in minutes.

Motorcycle Exhausts
We can check, replace or repair exhausts

Motorcycle Repairs
Call our office for an honest expert opinion on the repairs you need.

Motorcycle Safety Checks
We carry out a full manufacturers service checklist and health check to ensure your motorcycle as good as it can be.

Motorcycle Servicing
We carry out a standard set of services 'GT' or 'M', and we can carry out the scheduled service for your motorcycle through our manufacturer service checklist system. Simply choose the option that's right for you and you can book in online to save time.

Motorcycle Tyres
Great tyre prices all year round for winter and summer tyres.

Motorcycle Valeting
Every motorcycle gets a complimentary wash and clean, but if you want a more in-depth clean, then we can do that too.

Engine Diagnostics
Our technicians are trained to use the latest diagnostics equipment, and we have the very latest and best systems to ensure fault finding is quick and easy. We don't charge for the diagnostic time if it leads to a further repair. We believe that diagnosis is part of the final job and not an addition.

Engine Management
Ensure you're getting the best out of your motorcycle and change your spark plugs. We can provide upgrades to all engines too with our engine remap system. Call for more info and a quote.

Arrange your MOT with us.

Front and Rear Wheel Alignment
Misaligned wheels on the front or rear wheels can cause more than a strange handling and tyre wear! Book in for a laser alignment check.

Wheel Balancing
Did you know due to the rigid held position an out of balanced rear wheel is harder to detect? Stop wheel wobble caused by poor wheel balancing.

Motorbike Valve Clearances
Unchecked valve clearances can lead to increased engine wear and critical damage. We use your motorbikes manufacturers minimum and maximum gap specs to ensure your motorbike runs perfectly.

Motorcycle Headlight Check
We'll check your headlight position, aim and focus and adjust as required.

Motorcycle General Lubrication
We'll check and ensure your motorcycle has the necessary lubrication where needed.